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Research shows job seekers have 6 seconds to (1) speak to employers’ interests and (2) grab their attention. You may not be able to sell yourself in writing and get past the resume scanners, or you may get invited to interviews only to fail to get the offers you want.


This is how our resume and career services help our clients overcome these challenges:

Comprehensive Resume Services

Business Coaching Services

Career Coaching & Executive Coaching Services

Outplacement Services


As one of nation's top resume services, we have found that employers today receive an average of 118 resumes for each job opening. Only the best 2% of resumes get an interview, and these may not include the best people for the job if their documents don’t show it.  Even if writing is your strong suit, you may not be able to sell yourself in writing and get past the resume scanning machines. This is a technical writing task. We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming in our letters to appeal to different types of readers and send subconscious commands.

How to make your resume stand out? For a reasonable price, you get the interviewing, writing, and editing efforts of not 1 but 3 to 4 resume experts. This results in flawless, impactful, employer-friendly documents.

We constantly study our clients’ results. These are the findings as of April 16, 2020: Our median resume services client typically gets a new job in 8 weeks from resume finalization. Our average resume services client interviews with 5 different employers, is contacted by 12 recruiters if they get our LinkedIn, and gets 14% increased pay at the new job. That means the average client is getting a $8800 return on investment from working with us – plus increased happiness and improved quality of life.



•    Business feasibility analysis, so you find out if it makes sense to start the business you are thinking about
•    Marketing help that will keep you from wasting your money on advertising
•    Sales coaching, so you close more of the prospects who approach you
•    Human resources advice and resources, so you find the right person the first time
•    Trouble-shooting to make every client a happy client
•    Operational structure advice to ensure you own the business instead of the business’ owning you!


With executive coaching, landing your dream job with an organization whose mission, purpose, and values resonate with you should just be the beginning and not the end of your career tune-up. The career strategy coach who supported you in the pursuit of your dream job can now help you make the most of your new position as part of a self-designed trajectory of career growth. We want you to enjoy a fulfilling journey that makes the most of your gifts and repays you with both emotional and monetary rewards. 

Whether you are a client we have helped secure a new position, or you are a new client interested in super-charging your career, the process includes the following:

•    Intake
•    Assessments
•    Clarifying and setting goals
•    Formulating a development plan
•    Helping you implement your plan and achieve your goals

For executive coaching clients who have not utilized our other career services, the process will involve assistance in gaining self-awareness and identifying potential future positions. It may also include interviews with and feedback from other stakeholders, such as managers and coworkers. For existing clients, you will build on what you have discovered about yourself and how you can leverage your potential toward a rewarding career in the private or public sector.

Depending on your situation, the career counseling plan may include strategies to enhance your daily productivity, influence, and effectiveness. It could include building interpersonal skills for deepening your understanding of your colleagues and partners, identifying and hiring the right players, or forming, coaching, and leading high-performing teams. You may also wish to work on positioning yourself as a highly valued strategic contributor, and being richly rewarded—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Similar to our career strategy coaching program, executive coaching and career counseling is an action-oriented program where clients get most of their goals accomplished between their sessions. The meetings will be used to check progress, ask questions, challenge “stories” and assumptions, recommend additional resources and support, and get you back out there. Consider your coach a caring accountability partner who is committed to enabling you to enjoy a fulfilling life and make your dreams come true..


When you have to separate employees, you want to make sure you can hand them off to a company that truly cares about helping them get a new job fast, not to mention get their confidence back. A study we are running shows that our average client gets a new job in two months at 13% higher pay. Of our over 100 reviews on Yelp, 95% are five or four stars, and many people mention that our services gave them confidence and return on investment.


With a small, highly rated outplacement services company, every client counts. Your employees will get a five-star experience with as many touches as they need to get the job done.


You Can Rest Easy, Because Our Outplacement Services:

  • Protect your brand as socially responsible.

  • Mitigate the risk of litigation.

  • Increase morale for employees that remain.

  • Give terminated staff dignity, hope, and the support they need to move forward.

  • Can be part of your employment contracts, making you more competitive in your talent acquisition efforts.

  • Safeguard your reputation.

  • Make your employees trust you.

  • Keep your ratings high on Glassdoor.

What We Offer for Outplacement Services:

  • Resume writing - Our 3-person process using top resume writers ensures a flawless, keyword-rich resume chock full of quantified accomplishments.

  • Cover letter writing - The special formula we use in our cover letters enables the candidate to quickly show an employer that they understand their needs, have brought previous employers outstanding results, and will create tremendous benefit for the employer.

  • LinkedIn profile writing and a guide to using LinkedIn to get a job - LinkedIn is the best way for candidates to network their way to a job on the hidden job market, and YES has its own Inner Circle LinkedIn group for networking and guidance from HR professionals.

  • Interview Aikido - Our signature interview training and practice program empowers candidates to find out what the employer wants to buy before they try to sell them anything. The spiritually-based program also puts clients in the mindset of win-win, instead of fearing poor performance.

  • Career coaching - For the candidate who may want an accountability partner while changing jobs or wants to explore a different field or who wants support for their networking strategy and exit plan, career coaching helps them with the career discernment, inner game, networking genius, and/or executive access strategies they need.

  • All services are satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Corporate clients can rest easy with a standing contract for the services they require throughout the year.

  • 5% discount for NOVA SHRM members

Want to Learn More?

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