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Are you looking for a high-quality recruiting team to fill a void or augment your current Talent team? Achieval Strategies Recruitment and Staffing Services are experts in becoming your company’s outsourced recruitment team. Your dedicated consultant will work closely with you to fulfill your recruiting needs, implement processes, and consult on systems requirements.  Focused on - People – Process – Systems.  Providing your organization, a built-up recruitment function to continue operating on your own.






RPO solutions differ from traditional staffing companies (search, contingent, and retained search); Achieval Strategies assumes the ownership, management, and development of the Talent Acquisition Framework & Design – then ties them together by taking ownership of the success and results for the client, delivering a robust solution.


RPO Components:


  • Team Development & Management

  • Requisition Creation & Posting (Job Boards)

  • Process Workflow Design

  • Advertising of Requisitions - Sourcing - Social Media - Events

  • Interviewing & Selection

  • Contingent Offer Process

  • Closing & Reporting

Achieval Strategies primary focus is to provide its customers with Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions where we become the external recruitment services provider to our clients.  In return, we ensure that our clients gain the “value” and “Return on Investment - ROI” from our recruitment efforts.  We do this in two ways…. We can provide the entire services of staff, technology, and methodologies, or we can integrate into our clients’ infrastructure by assuming their staff, technology, and methodologies – in short, developing a strong relationship and bond with our client to ensure the establishment of the Talent Acquisition Framework (People, Process, Systems).  In either method, the client owns the result of the output through our efforts to improve the organizations talent acquisition and recruitment process.